Learn new words in context

You are taught English at school, but you notice that your English skills are lagging behind? Then Boost is a good course for you.

You first learn a number of words, which later come back in texts and videos about appealing themes. This way you immediately find out how the words are used!

Boost is built on the basis of the CEFR levels Pre-A1 to B2. Each level is divided into thematic units that are concluded with a short test.

A selection of the themes:

  • Family, friends and getting to know others
  • Health, calamities, crime
  • In and around the house, daily life, asking for directions
  • Sports, hobbies and leisure, psychology
  • History (UK), Geography, Science, Technology
  • Work and application


A 1-year subscription to Boost costs €69. This subscription gives access to all levels of the course, so you can pick your own starting point.

All prices are including VAT and valid through 31/12/2024

Free trial subscription

Do you want to try before you buy? Take out a free trial subscription and find out how the course works! You can use Boost for free for 14 days, with a maximum of 50 exercises.